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Meet the team working with the Group's board.

Novelty OZE Team


Leszek PawlickiLeszek Pawlicki

The Chairman of the Group, leads the development and strategy of the Group.

E-mail: lpawlicki@noveltypv.pl

Ryszard CzyżRyszard Czyż

Co-owner. Responsible for relations with private investors.

Previously the vice-president of the company Małe Elektrownie Słoneczne (Small Solar Power Plants) S.A. in Szczecin.

Monika WalotaMonika Walota

Proxy of the Group. Policymaker on the Group's current affairs and investment processes.

E-mail: mwalota@noveltypv.pl

Janusz SteckiJanusz Stecki

An experienced manager, designer, constructor and editor. In the Group he is responsible for the acquisition of land for PV investments.

E-mail: jstecki@noveltypv.pl

Jacek SychJacek Sych

Main supervision of the technology at the stage of site selection, arrangements, design, energy auctions, relations with distribution network operators (DNOs), etc.

Experience and expertise in the field of investment preparation, construction, operation of photovoltaic power plants as well as in the field of energy law and related regulations. Manages risks and optimization of projects, and ensures good relations between the stakeholders involved.

E-mail: jsych@noveltypv.pl

Jerzy KapicaJerzy Kapica

Chief Economic Advisor to the Group. Many years of experience in accounting, investment financing and taxes.

Aleksandra MojAleksandra Moj

Investment preparation specialist. Expertise and knowledge in the area of our investment projects under preparation.

E-mail: amoj@noveltypv.pl