What is photovoltaics?

About photovoltaics

Photovoltaics is one of the most promising and environmentally friendly energy sources. Its share in the volume of energy production in the world is constantly growing and is more and more, one of the dominant energy production technologies.

Important advantages:

  • is not a source of emissions: pollution, odours and noise; does not distort the natural landscape.
  • has the greatest social acceptance among renewable energy sources; The location of a solar power plant does not cause social conflicts, including within local governments.
  • short and not very burdensome construction cycle compared to other renewable and conventional sources.

This is world statistics and outlook:

Novelty PV, by its actions, contributes to the development of this technology in Poland. The prospects for the development of the industry are very good. The Ministry of Energy wants to multiply the power of solar power plants in Poland by 2030. The Ministry was convinced, among others, by the analysis of the Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE - Polish Power Grids), which has long pointed out that the national energy security may depend on the development of photovoltaics.

The Ministry's plan has been achieved and we have almost 1000 MW in photovoltaics already completed or under construction, although the PSE claims that it should be at least 2000 MW and so informed at the 6th International Conference on Photovoltaics in Poland by Andrzej Kaźmierski, the representative of the Ministry of Energy, but this plan will probably move slightly.

The Polish Ministry of Energy has already drawn conclusions from the report prepared by the Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne on the need to introduce a 20 degree power supply. As the journalists of the WysokieNapiecie.pl portal revealed, one of the key conclusions of the Ministry of Energy's confidential report was the need to develop photovoltaic power plants in Poland. Experts from PSE dealing with the safety of grid operation argue that their capacity should already amount to at least 2000 MW. State distribution network operators have also started to prepare PV projects on a larger scale.

The legal environment and political climate for the development of photovoltaic power plants is currently very good in Poland, and the market value and forecasts for the area of operation of Novelty OZE Group sp. z o.o. and its affiliates are extremely positive.

Photovoltaic power plant