Our investments and affiliates

Our Group's projects are implemented by spinning them off to so-called special purpose companies. This is done for various reasons, most often depending on the buyer of projects or power plants, as well as for legal or location reasons.

If you encounter the company named "Elektrownia PVPL..." ("PVPL Power Plant..."), with the three-digit internal number of our investment (e.g. Elektrownia PVPL 173), it is our company or former company that has passed into the hands of the final owner-investor. There were and still are several dozen such companies.

In addition, for specific reasons, our Group has owned or still owns companies with names other than those described above. The reasons are the requirements of the investor, the municipality or the large and unique scale of the project:

  • Elektrownia Słoneczna Rejowiec-Krasne sp. z o.o. (Rejowiec-Krasne Solar Power Plant)
  • Elektrownia DEPVPL 22 sp. z o.o. (DEPVPL Power Plant 22)
  • Foton - Elektrownie Słoneczne i Magazyny Energii spółka akcyjna (Foton - Solar Power Plants and Energy Stores)
  • Małe Elektrownie Słoneczne spółka akcyjna (Small Solar Power Plants)
  • Polskie Elektrownie Słoneczne spółka akcyjna (Polish Solar Power Plants)

Map of investments